Mobile = Vital for Community & Engagement

May 31, 2017


We’ve been hearing more and more about how mobile is the new form of engaging supporters, employees, customers, but why?

There are a lot of reasons why the world is gravitating toward mobile, but think about your own life. How many hours do you spend on your devices daily? There are some amazing stats on open rates with the average person unlocking their phone 150x a day couple with an amazing percent of time being directed at apps.

While it wouldn’t make sense for every organization to build their own app, it does make a lot of sense to engage your people (customers, donors, employees) where they like to spend daily time.

MaximusLife allows organizations to create, maintain and engage a global community on mobile while at the same time connecting their audience to social good.


We make it simple and fun to connect daily life to a charity. Intrigued yet? Take a look at our latest sponsored challenges and where life is happening in community on mobile….

Get your teams on the latest technology built

to engage employees in social good daily.