Make Giving an Experience

Add CauseKits to Any MaximusLife Package

It's Time to Rethink Virtual Engagement

CauseKits are the perfect way to rally virtual community and reward donors.
Perfect for both corporate teams and nonprofits.

HR & Wellness Teams: The Perfect Engagement Boost

Employee lifestyle & virtual community is now centerstage. CauseKits can be triggered by employee wellness milestones, employee fundraising, donations, points and more. MaximusLife was designed specifically to engage employees in year-round experiences. CauseKits take any purpose-driven program to a new level.

Challenge Sponsored

Marketing & Branding Teams: Go Beyond Words to Experiences

CauseKits simplify the strategy and process of creating brand champions around your brand purpose initiatives.

Fundraising Teams: Reward Your Premium Level Donors

CauseKits for fundraising teams can be built into your corporate giving partnerships, registration pages, donation pages, event fundraising pages or added into recurring donor strategies. 

Discover a new way to rally your people around impact!

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