Simple & Mobile Toolkits for Purpose-Driven Impact

Action-based Content, Virtual Challenges, Fun Activities & More

Employee Volunteering Has Gone Virtual & Mobile

Whether employees are home or at the office, give them their own mobile volunteering community hub with real-time chats, social feeds, points, rewards and more.

Activate your corporate purpose with over 7 million volunteering opportunities. MaximusLife’s volunteering toolkit gives employees the most powerful mobile app in the volunteering space with cause search, registration, in-app hour tracking, news alerts, calendar integrations and more. 

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Say Hello to Your New Volunteer Hub!

Admins quickly launch and employees join volunteering campaigns in a couple clicks!

MaximusLife’s volunteering portal for companies provides online and mobile tools connected to 7.5 million nonprofit impact opportunities. Select shifts, add to your calendar and share the fun with the most advanced volunteer activity feeds. 

Why Choose MaximusLife?

People Are Your Business

There is a good reason successful companies (92% of F500) invest in CSR, wellbeing and employee engagement programs. MaximusLife makes it simple to let your people know they matter while empowering them with tools designed to connect their everyday life, healthy living and personal achievements with world-changing impact.

Sustainability Matters

Empowering people with tools for sustainability is now expected for all size organizations. We make it fun with MaximusLife challenge marketplace, sustainability points, rewards and sweepstakes. We make it simple to educate and engage employees in sustainable efforts with over 100 activities covering UN Sustainable Development Goals, personal goals, green living and more.

Purpose is Vital

Gone are the days of writing checks to charity partners. The need to connect employees to a greater purpose is universal, innate and a vital part of business in today's world. We make it simple by helping you at every-step of the way from vetting charity partners to creating custom year-round calendars for employee engagement in social impact, wellbeing and beyond.

Manual Hurts Everyone

Manual processes and spreadsheets are great for static tasks, but engaging all your staff in social impact, CSR, wellbeing is no place for DIY. We help you use one simple system packed with storytelling capabilities and we make it simple to rollout, onboard and track engagement in real-time.

Simple, Lightweight & Ready to Launch

There is beauty in simplicity and being able to launch a new program in days, not weeks. We give small businesses the power to do big and mighty things for their people, the world and their brand.

Privacy & Security

MaximusLife maintains the highest levels of security and data privacy so your team can be worry free when launching new initiatives across our award-winning desktop and mobile apps.

Great companies empower their people to change the world.
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