Breaking Into the New Year – Make It Count This Time

January 17, 2017

The holiday season means a gluttony of food. Now, that does not necessarily have to be bad. Finish the year out doing whatever you want regardless of your health because you deserve it. Afterwards, reevaluate the holidays, your life, and New Year aspirations.

Resolutions – get toned and fit? Lose a few pounds?? Start eating healthier? Simply just walk more every day?

Whatever your goals, we have all been there year after year. Be honest with yourself and realize that starting out strong is easy but continuing is the hardest part. According to studies the majority of people do not stick to their resolutions. You hit the gym, run around your block every morning or night, have a salad a few times a week and in turn you feel really inspired. Then suddenly, you lose track and everything slips away to bad habits and unhealthy living.

Get control of your health and fitness.
A research study showed that “successful resolvers” use various behavioral strategies compared to people who do not complete their resolutions to accomplish their goals. With MaximusLife, our team believes that this is true; it is easy to stay on track to reach your goals as MaximusLife gives you an outlet (or behavioral strategy like those resolvers) via our app to track your goals every day. Here is what you can do.

When you link your “google fit” to our app on Android or link your Apple Watch or fit device on your iPhone, you can automatically track your goals and also give to various charities if you so choose. “Steps = Donations” for sponsored challenges. Walking 10k steps allows our sponsors to give to a charity. Walking and other physical activities have the potential to reduce cardiovascular disease. Not only that, but walking stimulates all parts of your brain. Health makes sense – your life will change for the better!

Get going and make 2017 truly different with MaximusLife to help you along the way. It’s part of Your Greatest Life For the Good of All.