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Bring your brand’s purpose to life with technology designed to make ESG, CSR, Fundraising and Social Impact an everyday experience

Join Leading Brands Across All Industries Using MaximusLife to Bring Global Impact to Life

All-in-one, always-on Global Impact.

All purpose-driven programs plus fundraising. One everyday, always-on global solution.

MaximusLife makes it simple to build active, healthy and fully engaged communities around fundraisingvirtual challengesESG, CSR, wellbeing, workplace givingsustainability, disaster relief, social impact, sponsored giving and more.

Take a Stand in the Climate Crisis & Go Net Zero the Fun Way!

Empower employees to reach Net Zero
with fun everyday activity, challenges and offsetting donations linked to points/rewards/prizes.

MaximusLife’s award winning Green Tech is empowering employees to lead the way to reduce their carbon footprint by connecting everyday life with CO2 reduction actions, challenges and fun automations. While employees journey to Net Zero they earn points, rewards and prizes for their impact. The perfect fit for SustainabilityESG, HR and Social Impact teams in 2022!

Keep it Simple. Live. Share. Repeat.

Connect life to impact with 400+ activities, challenges & more.

MaximusLife makes it simple to build active, healthy and fully engaged communities around fundraisingvirtual challenges, CSR, wellbeing, workplace giving, sustainability, disaster relief, social impact, sponsored giving and more.

Powerful, experience-based fun that last.

Go beyond transactions. Build community, boost engagement and drive lasting, year-round participation.

MaximusLife uses points, rewards & recognition, challenges, social chats/feeds, fitness integrations and more to build fully engaged communities. Put simply we were designed to do more and we humbly brag about our ability to double engagement rates while keeping users participating all year long.

Don't Know Where to Start?

Start with a Challenge!

Challenges are our most popular starting point for new teams!

Challenges are proven to be the most engaging of all campaign types. MaximusLife powers both peer-to-peer fundraising challenges as well as corporate global team building challenges. Choose from over 400+ activities focused on Wellbeing, Volunteering, CSR, Sustainability,
CO2 Reduction, and more.
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Real-time, real simple, integrated Admin Hub.

Admins, we've got you covered. Real-time reporting, mobile communications and more.

Fundraising, community investment and employee engagement have historically lived in separate silos for both nonprofits and corporate teams. MaximusLife admin reporting and communication tools eliminate the silos for a unified approach to real-time reporting, admin communications, mobile alerts, rewards, recognition and more. 

Experience the power of giving and social impact fully connected to the world's most popular apps and devices.

We’ve made it simple to ignite giving and purpose-driven impact with everyday life using everyday tech we all love (Apple Watch, Fitbit, Strava, etc.).

Modern Tools
for Big Impact

MaximusLife makes it simple to create world changing impact with the world's 7M+ charities.

Employee Challenges


Team Challenges

Sustainability/CO2 Reduction


Workplace Giving



ESG/CSR Reporting

Virtual Fundraising

Mobile Fundraising

Virtual Event Fundraising

Run/Walk/Cycle Fundraising

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Text-based Fundraising

Employee Engagement Campaigns


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