Traditional Peer-to-Peer vs. Modern Peer-to-Peer

April 2, 2018
Eliza Parish

Blueprints to Modernize Your Fundraising:

We have all come to love Traditional Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Fundraising relying on individuals to raise money in a simple sharing format. P2P can take even the smallest of organizations to social networks they would never reach otherwise. In traditional form it is very effective on its own, but Modern + Mobile fundraising amplifies the traditional P2P model, creates new levels of engagement, and provides for greater visibility at a faster rate.

As shown in the blueprint below, you’ll notice the supporter experience is fully integrated with impact levels, prizes, their favorite apps/devices and even sponsored giving. Instead of asking friends to “give because you care” each supporter can ask friends to sponsor them as they walk, run, ride or other. While supporters raise funds for your mission they are earning points for rewards and sharing the journey while tracking it all on their phone.

Imagine taking the P2P model and giving it new wheels for the social media highway! 

Why Mobile Fundraising Matters: 

While modern is needed…is Mobile? The answer is an overwhelming yes and the stats prove it! People are spending an average of 3.23 hours per day in apps, and only 50 minutes on the mobile web.  Our mobile fundraising platform makes it easy to keep up with this modern trend and easily integrates into your supporters’ lifestyles.

With modern fundraising, our newer integrations allow for faster fundraising and more tools to get you there.

Modern P2P Fundraising allows your organization to capitalize on the normal time spent on mobile devices and apps and turn it into quality time raising money for a good cause.  The tools we provide allow for optimal engagement, visibility, and seamless integration without overcomplicating.

Go Modern and Mobile simple with a free listing on MaximusLife! 

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