How to Engage for Good and Why You Should Care

June 3, 2017

The Engage for Good Conference 2017

Engage for Good (in Chicago through June 1) has spent all year scouring the country for the best examples of cause marketing and social impact campaigns that truly move the needle for both company and cause. This year’s faculty is comprised of some of the best and brightest individuals in the industry, willing to openly share their lessons learned with you.  Why? Well because engaging for good is becoming quite important…

Cause Promotion leverages corporate funds, in-kind contributions, or other resources to increase awareness and concern about a social cause or to support fundraising, participation, or volunteer recruitment for a cause. It’s more important now more than ever…

According to Forbes last week, unemployment fell to its lowest level in a decade. Companies are competing aggressively for talent, piling on more perks and benefits every year.

The stats show 

  • “Americans believe that companies should prioritize support of issues that affect the quality of life.”

  • “Including 278 million Americans want to know what a company is doing to benefit a cause!”

Here are the 50 best social good employers and everyone who is attending Engage for Good.

Big Fortune 500 companies are stepping up their game…

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How to use mobile to engage for good.

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