The Future of Event Technology

October 22, 2017

Top Event Technology Trends: 14 Must-Know Innovations for 2020

Check out the latest trends according to Social Tables writer Bethany Smith.


Wearble tech is being integrated to involve all attending:

Event technology is making events quite advanced with tools that allow conferences to run smoothly. With this trend in mind we have connected fitness trackers to our mobile app to track sleep, steps, and fitness goals.

Track sleep with our integrated sleep tracker. Users can input their sleep manually or track it directly through a fitness tracker to check-in and donate to charity. Also create a custom tracker for cycling, running or “acts-of-kindness.”

Another option includes tracking steps for charity:

  • Users can automatically upload their steps to donate to charity through MaximusLife.
  • As shown below, an easy interface allows Fitbit and Misfit devices to be connected.
  • Track the fun on company dashboards with leaderboards, rewards and advanced integrations. 
  • Easily tell the world your corporate social good stories with our story capture (great for Marketing & CSR teams).




        Are there any other event tech trends you know of? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Here at MaximusLife we are integrating the future of event technology through our app to involve charity solutions. 

See how we can link your company to an event here.

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