Defining Corporate Responsibility & Impact In Your Workplace

By Social Impact

Corporate responsibility has the power to go beyond the contribution of dollars and become an effective strategy to engage your employees in meaningful work.

Corporate impact refers not only to what company’s activities affect the bottom line, but to people and the planet, too.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a broad term used to describe a company’s efforts to improve society in some way.

What better way to make an impact than from the inside?

Today, corporations dominate many industries so they should give back too.

Your company will improve your public image, increase media coverage, improve relations with your customers, and attract and retain investors.


Provide employees with equal opportunity and philanthropic areas of focus.

Pick a cause that is important to your company, and if you cannot find one ask us for help! MaximusLife has access to any nonprofit in the world.

We can give you advice on picking a cause that integrates into your workplace.


Think about the best way to go about setting up a workplace challenge for your company.

What would work best with your employees – a step challenge? Wellness challenge? Sleep challenge?

A step challenge can connect the activity to the cause. This is the most popular activity because we can connect any activity tracker or your phone to the cause.

Connecting a nonprofit to your workplace can give everyone a sense of purpose, and give a team driving effort towards a goal.

What’s your CSR Challenge?

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