Silent Cultures

June 2, 2021

Our team has been in discussions with a lot of organizations both corporate teams and nonprofits over the past few weeks. What we’ve heard is encouraging and yet we still see a big need for loud voices and more help.

Back to the Drawing Board

Hot topics are obviously racism/diversity and staying connected in the new virtual world. Every organization regardless of size or industry or fundraising audience is going back to the drawing board in some way or another. This is encouraging to hear and see!

But how do we take this time to result in better things than the last time at the same drawing board, strategy session, team meeting or other? The world has changed so our approach this time needs to look different.

Our answer is simple and a challenge to us all…

Leave No Room for Silent Cultures

A silent culture by definition is one that simply puts everyone together to get the job done without saying anything that could offend another. The thought is remaining silent as an organization will help people coexist while focusing on the real work at hand.

The strongest signs of silent cultures are somewhat obvious with increasing issues with retention (donor and employees), poor engagement and disconnected culture.

Silent cultures and brands without purpose are no longer relevant in today’s world

There are a ton of tools designed to give people a voice but perhaps none are more powerful than fundraising tools. Fundraising tools are an obvious fit for nonprofits, and perhaps now is the time for every company to take words into action with corporate branded employee fundraising tools.

A note for corporate teams: If your employees have never fundraised for a cause with your support this is the time. Fundraising tools are not expensive to put in place and nonprofits need the support of every voice like never before. This is very different from writing a check or making a grant. While all forms of corporate giving are needed putting the power in your people’s hands in today’s world is something to strongly consider.

What’s trending: Our most popular corporate level fundraiser for the past several years has been our virtual walks where employees fundraise while walking, running, moving, etc. This typically includes a corporate level match where an individuals steps unlocks a donation from the the company or other sponsor.