6 Ways to Get Your Company Involved in Giving Tuesday

September 11, 2019
Callie Easley

Giving Tuesday is just around the corner, and now is the time to start thinking about how your company can get involved!  Since its founding in 2012, this charitable holiday has grown each year in donations and supporters.  Last year, $400 million plus dollars were raised online, with more than 150 countries participating!

Partnering with a charity this Giving Tuesday is a great way to enhance your brand, boost employee morale and foster a positive company culture. This philanthropic holiday is projected to continue to grow in popularity and donations.  Now is a good time get on board if you haven’t already!  Not sure where to start? That’s okay!
We’ve outlined a few ideas below to get you going:

Give a Portion of Your Sales

Donations are one of the most common ways companies (and people) can get involved.  Giving a portion of your sales during the Giving Tuesday holiday to a charity of your choice is an easy and effective way to participate.  A little cause marketing can go a long way for both the charity and for your company brand!

Be sure to advertise that this is what your company will be doing. This can help drive sales as people will most likely be looking to make generous donations as well.

Host an Event for a Local Nonprofit

Shed a light on a local nonprofit by hosting an event for them this Giving Tuesday!  It’s a great opportunity to raise awareness for a cause that may be important to your employees or one that your company currently supports.  Hosting an event is a great way to bring attention to these nonprofits and do your part in giving back to your community!  Host a raffle, an employee happy hour, or an in-store event if you have a store front.

Match Employee Donations

Boost engagement and fun by getting your employees involved!  One way to do this is by matching donations. For whatever amount employees raise on Giving Tuesday, double it and give it to the nonprofit of their choosing!

Matching donations is a great way to guarantee active employee participation in your company’s charitable works. A matching donation program shows your employees and the public that your company is committed to giving back to meaningful causes.

Organize an Employee Volunteer Day

Organize a company volunteer day to get employees involved in this global day of giving. Instead of coming into work, encourage employees to offer help at a local organization.  Or, host your own volunteer day and plant trees for an environmental organization or choose an area of town to pick up litter.  It’s a paid day out of the office, helping others! What could be better?

Give Products or Services

Additionally, companies can also donate or volunteer good and services this Giving Tuesday.  Whether you’re a produce store donating groceries to a homeless shelter or a web design company donating time to making a website for a local nonprofit, the opportunities for giving are truly endless!

If your company has goods or services you think could help someone this Giving Tuesday, reach out to a local nonprofit that aligns with what you can give.  Then, work together on your philanthropic mission.

Help Amplify Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday has made a big name for itself over the few years since its founding.  But, it’s still a relatively new holiday and can use everyone’s help to make a huge impact. Post flyers, posters and graphics (all of which you can get from the Giving Tuesday website) to help inspire employees, clients and customers to participate. And, don’t forget to #GivingTuesday on any social media posts!

Still unsure how to give back this Giving Tuesday? Reach out to your local nonprofit and discuss how/where you and your company can help! The goal of Giving Tuesday is simply to be generous and give back to the causes and nonprofits that give so much. Get your company involved this Giving Tuesday!