Work Out – The Right Way

April 1, 2017

Work out tips: 

1) Be consistent. 

  • This is KEY! Even if it’s a scheduled walk or work out on Tuesday/Thursday, scheduling a time 3x a week is a great way to start being consistent.

2) Effective Exercise Routine: 

  • 20 minutes a day two-three times a week
  • Then amp it up! Increase your work out times.

3) Set realistic goals

  • You are not going to look like a body builder right away…

4) Have a buddy system.

  • This is actually helpful. Studies have shown that having a workout buddy pays off.

5) Happiness = you time.

  • Don’t forget about yourself when you are stressed…then again working out releases endorphins which will make you feel better.

6) Timing!

  • Work out when you feel the best. Are you a morning person or a night person?

7) Professional guidance.

  • Sometimes it helps to get tips from the pros (even if it is just once so you are sure you are doing a proper work out).

8) Inspiration = blogs… like ours ?

  • Follow a fitness blog to give you great tips.

9) Patience. It won’t happen right away.

  • Keep at it. Even if you are busy get on the treadmill and walk.

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