Tips for having a positive impact (CO2 Emissions)

May 24, 2022

Top tips for having a positive impact

You can minimise your carbon footprint and help the environment in many different ways. Whether at home, work, school, or while you travel, small changes can add up.

Here are a few tips for having a supersized positive impact on carbon emissions:


1. Support (or create!) campaigns that push for large-scale emissions reduction.

The best long-term solution to prevent the overheating of the planet is to reduce the consumption of coal, oil and gas to zero.

2. Reduce or eliminate the use of fossil fuels in your life.

Think hard about whether and when you fly and drive. Electrify your home. Switch to alternate means of transport as much as you can.

3. Reduce or eliminate the use of all fossil fuel generated energy in your life.

Go solar or buy certified 100% renewable electricity. Increase the efficiency of your home and appliances. Get off gas. Shift that thermostat!

4. Reduce or eliminate the use of fossil fuel dependent products and services in your life.

Seek out businesses that are doing the right thing by the climate. Switching your bank and superannuation provider is one of the highest impact activities many people can do.


Need help creating a campaign to reduce your emissions at work?

MaximusLife provides fun two week, monthly, and quarterly campaigns for your team to cut their emissions! Contact us today to set up an interactive, “always on” challenge!

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