What is happening in CSR?

September 6, 2022
Some things that are trending in the CSR world – increased transparency, investment in green technologies, local community and employee engagement, and diversity and inclusion initiatives.
All of these are important and key to your business model.
What are some examples of others investments happening in the world?
1. Adidas is involved in the war against plastic and is working with Parley to turn plastic waste into high-performance sportswear.
Since 2018, they’ve also organized the Run For The Oceans events to raise funds.
2. For IKEA, social responsibility starts with the materials used in their products — including sustainable cotton, wool, and wood.
They also plan to use only recycled or renewable plastic by 2030.
3. Ben and Jerry’s – Community-based development projects are a significant part of this. They’ve supported a lot of social causes that are closely related to their business of making and selling ice cream.

Their work for justice comprises that for refugees, the LGBTQ community, climate action, and more.


4. Microsoft has CSR initiatives around employability, and environmental sustainability.

Through Microsoft Philanthropies, they partner with nonprofits, organizations, and schools to improve computer science education and achieve greater impact through technology.

They also champion organizations that aim to improve the quality of life for people in Washington.


5. BMW works with organizations to meet their CSR goals of promoting diversity.

They are inspiring the next generation of engineers, social mobility and inclusion, and teaching road safety.


How are you giving back to the world? Let us know in the comments below!

It’s pivotal to have a CSR plan in your business.

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