Such a Time as This…

May 29, 2021

With such a time as this, our team is reminded once again of the power of community and how we are all hard-wired for relationships. Our team designed MaximusLife specifically to help in such a time as this.

Why we created MaximusLife in the first place:

Many of you know our story, but our platform started from hearing the voices of many who were simply feeling like their company didn’t understand purpose was more than transactions, more than jeans Friday and more than words in newsletters. We chose the name Maximus because it spoke directly to the need for a new type of leader who would help create a new way. This way we knew had to be different. It had to be designed from the ground up for the people not for the processes, programs and profits that we kept hearing felt like drudgery. It had to start with purpose and end there. It had to be an experience, not a program, and it had to have a community as the core.

Why Impact and Fundraising?

Put simply, both impact and fundraising take purpose from words on a page or CSR report and give them legs in the real world. Impact for a company traditionally has been with a checkbook or a volunteer day and we knew there were new engaging ways that we could offer for building culture around impact. As we started our journey helping companies and nonprofits we realized fundraising tools were also missing some vital elements.

The first was a sense of community and second was modern tools to make fundraising feel like it was much more than transactions on a landing page. To-date we are proud to say we’ve built the most engaging fundraising platform designed specifically for community (not just tracking dollars and keeping systems in check).

For Such a Time as Today…

We are all now faced with the toughest times in history. It will look different for every company to reopen the doors and it will look different for every nonprofit to transition to virtual fundraising, but the vital elements of community, relationships, fun experiences should not be overlooked.

We’ve been designing tools since 2014 for such a time as this. We will not be silent in telling you that there are better ways and we want to help.

Regardless of how you engage your people and supporters in the second half of 2020, we challenge you and your organization to not ignore how important building a sense of community truly is and will continue to be in all you do. People need to connect with people especially in times like this. Let’s all challenge each other to provide tools for this in whatever way we can. Like nothing else, community has the power to build repeat donors, more engaged employees, a culture of purpose and of course…impact!