Summer Ideas for You to Go Green

August 29, 2022

Thinking about how to cut back this summer?

Whether you plan on taking a vacation with your family or spending your summer at home, these summer sustainability tips are for you!


Instead of blasting your AC, try using a fan to help cool off rooms in your home or business.

Whether it be a ceiling fan or a more traditional single-standing fan, using fans is more environmentally friendly than the AC. Fans require much less energy than the air conditioner.


Visit the farmers’ market

It is such a great summer sustainability tip for the family. You get a chance to meet local farmers, grab fresh produce, support local community, and let the family and kids run around!

Buying local food supports farmers’ in your area and reduces the number of miles your food travels, which is vital in our efforts to sustainable life.



We get eating out a lot in the summer, but…BYE SINGLE-USE DISPOSABLES! Hi sustainable, reusable, eco-sourced kitchenware. Try to aim for compostable materials when buying goods.

Try to purchase glass and reusable containers instead of plastic as well.


Get outside!

Being outdoors is the quintessential summer activity, sustainable and usually free!

As temperatures rise, however, it is easy to opt to stay at home or choose only indoor activities. Protect what you love. By spending time in nature, you develop a love for the planet and a desire to protect it!


Go biking

If it’s been a bit since you’ve been on two wheels, you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll fall back in love with this fun and freeing activity! Cut back on those carbon emissions.

Biking is an eco-friendly activity that makes getting somewhere part of the fun. There are so many great options for the whole family with new offerings like e-bikes.

Visit a national park

Find a park close to you and support this organization that does so much to protect our lands and wildlife while they educate and inspire generations of nature-lovers.


What’s your favorite summer green activity? Comment below and let us know!


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