Single, Quarterly and 12-month Employee Challenges

January 29, 2020
Eliza Parish

Health + Wellness  + CSR + Rewards

Is your company looking for new ways to engage your employees? If so, then look no further.  MaximusLife CSR Challenges check all of the boxes for what your employees actually want. Step Challenges, Walking Challenges, you name it.

Our Employee CSR Challenges are designed for Quarterly, 12-month and single campaigns to rally your employees all year long, or around a specific initiative. We even have a mobile app designed specifically to bring these to everyday life! By focusing on holistic engagement, we curate fun and rewarding challenges for employee health and wellness, while boosting CSR impact.  In addition, our mobile tools and app make it easily accessible for employees to engage daily, while also being mindful of employee work-life balance.  Check out our CSR Challenge structure below and start brainstorming on your next CSR/Employee Engagement Campaign!

Quarterly CSR Challenges

Quarterly challenges are a fun way to engage employees around a new charity each quarter.  This type of challenge structure provides flexibility for team challenges and employee input on charitable impact, as well as accommodate a flexible time frame.  Challenges can range from 21 days to 90 days – depending on employee health goals or charitable impact goals of the challenge.  Employees are able to check-in to these challenges on their mobile phone, track their activity and post photos to share.  As a result, employees will create their own charitable community within your workplace!

12-Month CSR Challenges

Challenges are proven as the strongest way to motivate your employees to stay active year-round while supporting good causes. Choose from over 200 activities for a 12-Month CSR Challenge. This structure allows for companies (or employees) to choose a new challenge each month to join and participate in.   Employees can unlock your company’s CSR donations for specific charities each month, or work toward an annual charitable goal for one charity.  Additionally, employees can keep track of all of the impact, activity, photos, and rewards on your company’s CSR Challenge Dashboard.

MaximusLife CSR Challenge Dashboard

Single CSR Campaigns

If your company is going for maximum charitable impact within a set timeframe, then a single Employee-led CSR Campaign is the perfect way to rally employees (and check off those health & wellness boxes).  Popular single campaign themes are 30-day Step Challenges, Walks for Water (supporting a water charity), and Season of Giving campaigns.  Keeping employees engaged is simple and easy to do with mobile access and built-in step tracking tools on the MaximusLife app.

Don’t Forget the Rewards!

Employee rewards are built-in to the CSR Challenge experience to increase engagement and boost participation.  The mobile app allows employees to earn points for participation, social activity, and step tracking. And, with the built-in rewards feature, points and activity can be tied directly to rewards for your engaged employees!  Employees are able to access the leaderboard right from the mobile app to keep up with the fun and friendly competition and stay motivated.  It’s a win-win for companies and employees!

To learn more about MaximusLife CSR Challenges, or to schedule a demo, contact us today!

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