5 Ways to Enhance Employee CSR Engagement

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is more important today than ever before. According to a recent study conducted by Cone Communications, 58% of job candidates consider a company’s charitable practices when looking for employment and 78% of employees stated that they’d like to participate in helping their company improve its responsible business practices. Based on this information, it's fair to say that employees not only want to work for a business with an active CSR program but also want to be included in these charitable practices.

However, having just any CSR program doesn’t cut-it anymore. Companies (and employees) are thirsty for a modernized company culture and CSR programs are a big part of that. Employee-led CSR initiatives have steadily become an integral part of company culture and employee engagement. But to be effective, employee CSR Campaigns must be engaging, fun, and most importantly, cater to the individuals for whom will be taking part: employees. Fortunately, this is much easier to achieve than it may seem. Here are a few different ways to improve your CSR employee engagement!

Make it a choice.

People are more likely to participate in activities they are passionate about. CSR programs are no exception. Including your employees in the decision-making process is an easy and effective way to get employees involved in CSR activities.  Giving employees the freedom to choose how they’d like to volunteer, or even what charitable organization to contribute to, allows them the opportunity to be involved in something they care about and will actually be an active participate in.


Make it fun.

CSR campaigns can, and should be fun! Yes, everyone’s definition of fun is different, and you simply can’t please everyone, however you can help create an atmosphere around your campaign that generally evokes excitement. What is something fun and engaging that not only your employees would enjoy but you as well?  If you’re not having fun, chances are, neither are your employees.

It helps to have a general understanding of what your employees enjoy doing on their spare time. Have an office full of yogis? Try a yoga/meditation challenge! Got a few marathon runners? Propose a virtual run for charity! The opportunities are endless. With just a little communication and excitement, you can make your next campaign fun for all!

Make it accessible.  

Accessibility is key when planning a CSR campaign. The easier it is to participate, the better. Employees already have a lot on their hands and minds, so overcomplicating your campaign will greatly affect participation. You don’t want to ask for too much. Thankfully, with today's technology, participating is as easy as clicking a button… quite literally.

The internet, smartphones and social media have opened a whole new world of campaign opportunities and made it easier than ever to get involved. The average American checks their mobile phone 52 times per day. Since we are obsessively on our phones anyway, using a mobile app to manage your campaign makes sense. In some cases, like in a health and wellness campaign, participating is as simple as allowing your app to track an employee's daily step count.

Hint, hint..check out our mobile app to see just how easy MaximusLife can make your next employee-led CSR campaign!

Make it rewarding.

It’s important to celebrate the achievements of individuals who took part in a campaign. Whether it’s through simple employee recognition or tangible rewards, any kind of extra something-something will celebrate the hard work and effort your employees put in, and thank those individuals who went above and beyond expectations.

Also, a little competition never hurt anyone!

Make it mean something.  

Following the conclusion of a campaign, inform employees of the collective impact they’ve made. Be sure to include details of what made the campaign successful. How many employees participated? What was the total amount of money donated/raised? How many miles did they walk/run for a particular cause? And, finally, how did your campaign help to make the world just a little bit better? Cheesy, I know, but this is ultimately why CSR has become so important. Employees want to make a positive impact. In fact, 74% of employees believe that the opportunity to do so is necessary for a job to be fulfilling.

At the end of the day, it’s not the rewards that make for a successful CSR campaign, it’s the lasting impact and sense of accomplishment that makes a difference.

CSR can help a company AND its employees support the things they care about most. Employees today are more eager than ever to be a part of their company’s charitable contributions, so let them!  Together you can make your company’s CSR campaigns something to look forward to!

For more information on how to use MaximusLife in your next CSR campaign, click on the link below!


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