Scaling Employee Engagement for Year-Round Impact

July 9, 2019
Eliza Parish

3 Simple Ways to Expand Employee Engagement Year Round

Employee engagement is a key instrument to cultivating impactful company culture and retaining employees.  Finding ways to increase employee participation in workplace initiatives boosts company culture and has benefits far beyond the workplace.  Follow the 3 strategies below to get your company engaged and moving in the right direction.

Move Beyond Outdated Strategies.

Participating in outdated HR strategies to engage employees one time a year, is not very fun.  Neither is requiring your employees to participate in programs and activities outside of the workplace, in an effort to get in those hours of service.  It’s a drain on employees and doesn’t necessarily improve company culture.  Look at ways to interact with different departments within your company to explore new ways to engage with employees.  For example, you can talk to your CSR teams and your Health and Wellness teams to coordinate a stronger program.  Naturally, engagement strategies that check off more than one box (like fitness challenges coupled with charitable impact) provide for more holistic engagement than traditional alternatives.

Create a Company Culture with Big Impact.

According to a survey conducted by America’s Charities Snapshot Employee Donor Research, 71% of surveyed employees say it is imperative or very important to work where culture is supportive of giving and volunteering.  Employee engagement initiatives can learn a lot from this.  Offering opportunities for active charitable impact all year-round let’s employees know that you value their causes and allows employees to connect easier to those causes.

Similarly, according to the same survey, employee participation increases when they are able to choose a charity.  The feedback is clear:  employees want to be charitable and want be a part of something meaningful.  Traditional workplace (paycheck) giving options are great, but building a culture around charitable impact is greater.  Incorporating new initiatives, such as CSR Challenges, are an easy and fun way to connect employees with causes.  Creating a culture where you embrace holistic engagement – to promote a better work-life balance – is what retains employees.

Reward Your Employees.

Finally, a third way to keep employees engaged year-round is to reward and recognize your employees for their impact, because everyone likes to be recognized for their accomplishments, especially when it is for a good cause.  Budget in a pool of prize money that can go towards rewarding your employees with gift cards, experiences or donations to charities of their choice.  Rewards go a long way to keep employees engaged from month-to-month.  In addition, integrating rewards into a fun and moderately-competitive engagement initiative helps boost participation.

The MaximusLife platform offers CSR Challenges for easy and accessible engagement for charity.  With winning results:  companies will  achieve their CSR goals and employees will be able to achieve personal wellness and charitable goals (+ rewards).  Tap the button to learn more about our CSR Challenges!

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