National Walking Month

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May is National Walking Month and Living Streets, the national charity that works to create safe, attractive and enjoyable streets, will be encouraging people to walk with their successful annual initiatives – to encourage everyone to get more walking into their day.

The cause started because of the reliance on cars and thus reliance on fossil fuels and energy. They want to keep the UK free from congested roads and pollution. This is should be an idea all over the world!

“Imagine our roads free from congestion and pollution. Imagine a world with less risk of many preventable illnesses. Imagine better streets that everyone can use and enjoy. This year not only are we asking you to get out walking – we also want you to help build a picture of how walkable our towns and cities are.”

Every week has various challenges including walk to school week, Happy Shoesday (On the Tuesday of Walk to School Week in May each year, primary school pupils, parents and teachers across the country raise money for our walking projects, by wearing their happy shoes and donating £1), and walking challenges.

 In honor of National Walking Month, we are also getting involved and you can too!

We will be hosting step challenges and for every 10K steps = $ to charity!

Check out the challenge on!



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