Lifestyle Tech for Good – CES 2017 Must Have App

January 5, 2017

Technology is making its way into the non-profit world.

Our lives revolve around technology, cell phones, and ease of access. This cycle is beginning to be integrated in the wellness world – charity’s are going mobile. Last year, 86% of Americans donated!

According to research centers, 68% of U.S. adults have a smartphone, and this stat is growing yearly up from 35% in 2011. That fact means apps – all from the touch of a button for that ease of access. MaximusLife has created a platform in which wellness, charity, and good causes are all involved.  Not only are apps taking over, so are wearables with smart technology. Armani Exchange, Fossil, Skagen, Apple, and Misfit have all unveiled touchscreen smartwatches. Our app links to the fitness connection directly onto your watch.


MaximusLife works with top charities, celebrities and sponsored brands to create goal-based challenges that connect everyday life to a good cause. Whether you are aiming to get fit, get organized, or just have fun, our challenges help you leave a trail of GOOD with everyday life.

A mobile site tailored for smartphones and tablets makes the way in which the information about your organization is getting to your supporters and potential donors better. The ease of access allows non-profits to gain money. When people are on the go, they can donate and track their goals.

Join the CES MaximusLife challenge ending 1/8/17.

Rewards from Bose and Misfit! #StepsforCharity. Whoever walks the most steps by the end will win Bose Headphones. Second place gets a Misfit!