Modern Fundraising Blueprint #4

March 10, 2018

Traditional & Activity-Based Fundraising

Activity-based/Lifestyle Fundraising is a great way to infuse some excitement into your traditional fundraising.  Seamlessly take advantage of your supporters everyday lifestyle activity and help them turn it into something even better!

  • Supporters can log a Single Activity, like a workout or run, OR
  • Participate in a longer Challenge.  Challenges are fun and engaging, and help raise awareness for your cause while you raise funds.
  • Create their own challenge/campaign right from their phone which means fundraising is directly connected to their favorite apps/devices.
  • Corporate teams can easily get involved and even host their own landing pages and employee profiles.

Some more fun ways to engage supporters:

Build your community of supporters and rally them to check in every day with a fun challenge.  You can also engage your supporters leading up to a big event like a 5k, marathon, or hike to create a longer fundraising push.  Instead of just one single day of fundraising, turn it into 30 days!  For example, if you organize a national bike ride for charity, easily connect to our modern fundraising tools and create hype leading up to the ride.  Let your supporters take advantage of their training miles too by synching their activity trackers directly into their fundraising pages.

Next, let our integrated digital marketing do the work.   Supporters can easily post about their progress and contributions “I biked 15 miles for charity today,”  while leading up to the organized ride.

Let your fundraising tools double as your marketing tools!  Get creative with your fundraising campaigns and help spread awareness of your mission/cause at the same time.  There are hundreds of engaging activities your supporters can participate in and spread the word.  Make it fun, make it rewarding, and make it impactful.

Modern Fundraising is the best way to:

  • Connect your mission with daily life (including fitness apps/devices)
  • Build year around loyalty with M-Life points and rewards
  • Encourage friends and family to join through our “Sponsor Me” toolkit
  • Get sponsors and employees involved
  • Activate mobile and social media
  • Create fun fundraiser teams (west coast vs east coast offices, departmental teams, etc.)
  • Create story-boards from check-ins on our mobile activity feed
  • Create an active and engaged community of supporters