CSR Engagement & Participation

June 16, 2022

A 2022 study found that CSR can boost a business’ bottom line by creating value, increasing innovation, improving customer and employee relations, and expanding growth options. CSR has the potential to make a company more competitive, lower financing costs, and increase overall economic value.

How Important is Corporate Social Responsibility in 2022?

With a dramatically changing community landscape, CSR has become even more of an issue in 2022 than ever before. In light of the far-reaching effects of climate-related and other calamities, companies are becoming involved beyond writing a cheque and issuing a press release for feel-good brownie points.

What are the CSR groups in 2022?

The Traditional Four Types of Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR did not begin with the Internet. It was a conversation that started back in the 1950s but became more defined in 1979 and further illustrated by Archie Carroll in 1991 as a “Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility” with four key areas.

  1.  Legal Responsibility – Obeying all relevant local and international laws.
  2. Ethical Responsibility – Avoid causing harm and be just, moral and fair.
  3. Philanthropic Responsibility – Giving back to society and improving the community.
  4. Economic Responsibility – Invest in the community from a position of being profitable.

Forward planning and active involvement in disaster planning are critical trends for CSR in 2022. Some take it a step further by developing and maintaining emergency response strategies in areas where their suppliers and employees reside, including partnerships with locally positioned NGOs.

The Missing Piece?

If you are a CSR, ESG, HR, or Social Impact leader you are likely seeing that only a small portion of employees are willing to take time out of their busy schedules to participate in your programs. The average wiling to volunteer, give, or join traditional purpose-driven programs is 20%.

So what does it take to reach 50% or even 80% to 90% of your people? How do you get customers excited about your impact programs?

All of this in CSR, ESG, and beyond is bound by science and motivational theory we’ve likely all heard before, but we have yet to had the tools to act on this within the context of real-life employee programs.

Since 2014 MaximusLife has been working with nonprofits and corporate teams to bring Impact to real life using the science behind what makes us all want to take action and stay engaged. We don’t rely on any single engagement trick or method, instead, we use a scientifically proven approach to activate more employees.

If you are looking to boost participation in volunteering, giving, well-being or another purpose-driven program by 100% or more let’s chat. Our team has helped organizations of all sizes double, triple, or more their employee activation rates (in some cases within 60 days’ time).

Reach us at team@maximuslife.com or hit the demo button above to learn more!

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