CSR – Corporate Philanthropy

April 15, 2017

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Corporate Social Responsibilities

America’s Charities – Snapshot 2015 found that more than “80 percent of respondents use technology to allow employees to give money, 65 percent use it to record volunteer hours and 69 percent use technology to sign up for a volunteer event.”

“About one-third (37 percent) use technology platforms to empower employees to promote their favorite causes.”




Times are changing in the corporate/business world. Technology and corporate giving are growing together.

More and more employees each year are being engaged at work with something stimulating, including paid volunteer hours and CSR events. Employees want to feel part of something bigger. Who doesn’t like giving back? It feels good.

At Salesforce one employee was quoted saying “the thing I think that most separates [Salesforce] from other companies is the focus on giving back. Personally, it provides me with a greater sense of purpose when I come in each day.” At ULTIMATE SOFTWARE, one employee stated “It’s times like these [when volunteering] where I feel we are leaving our footprint on the world and giving back.”

According to Fortune, top companies like Rolex, Deloitte, Adidas, Salesforce, and more are being ranked the best to work at as they have great CSR ideas in place! Most of them are even giving paid time off for volunteering. Not only are they giving great PTO, they are also donating in the millions yearly. A21 is a great example of a large non-profit, charity using technology to further their cause.

By using MaximusLife on a mobile platform they were able to receive thousands of dollars in donations. This trend will only increase with business, non-profits, and corporate.

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