The Rise of Corporate Social Impact

December 3, 2018

The Rise of Social impact is at the top of the priority list and budgets for 2019.  This year broke records with 77% of business leaders now looking at how to engage employees with social impact. 

It’s no surprise that younger generations are demanding more from corporate companies. Social impact in business development is continuing to climb in the coming years. CEOs are taking notice in a big way.

It started as a slow rumble over the past couple of years, but has increasingly become more mainstream for CEOs to identify ways to become publicly engaged in the conversations that are taking place in our current political, environmental, and social climate.

Investing in Employees Social Impact

It has also become apparent that these conversations are not meaningful or valuable if the company is not investing in its own employees well-being and the overall potential for increasing the greater good.

It’s a topic we love and take part in, so we’ve gathered a few of our favorite articles on social impact to share below.

“Without a sense of purpose, no company, either public or private, can achieve its full potential. It will ultimately lose the license to operate from key stakeholders.” – Larry Fink (CEO of BlackRock)

Harvard BR: The New CEO Activists

Forbes: Rise of the Social Enterprise:  A New Paradigm for Business

Sorensen Impact Center: The Social Impact Revolution is Here

The Sorensen Impact article places social impact in the context of a revolutionary wave of companies leading the way to solve real-world social problems.

“Multiple sectors are finding more and more reason to work together in the wake of the social impact revolution, each looking to play a role in the broader arena of improving people’s lives. With a profusion of expertise and energy rallying around social impact, we may be amidst a more abundant harvest — one that finally nurtures solutions to our urgent social challenges.”

Say Hello to the New Social & Well-Being Focused Enterprise

Being a “social enterprise” means going beyond a focus on revenue and profit and clearly understanding that we operate in an ecosystem, and all these relationships are equally important. It also means social is not enough if you are not investing in employees well-being.

Workforce trends have changed dramatically over the last 20 years and even more so over the last 5 years.

Companies are now in a unique position to help manage an entire generation of employee well-being and healthy work environments far beyond health insurance and standard benefits.

There is a push for greater responsibility for employees, to communities where they operate, and to engage in social conversations as a whole.  The CEO can give it a voice, but the employees can really bring the impact.

Take Action in 2019. We Can Help.

It’s an exciting time for platforms like ours that partner companies and employees with healthy lifestyle challenges and real world charitable impact.  The trend is clear, one of the best ways to fuel purpose and meaningfulness is through employee engagement programs that provide opportunities for impact and volunteering.


We want to help make a difference in your company.  See how we can help you accomplish your goals in the workplace with employee engagement challenges, and wellness programs. To get a quick demo send us a note at


Photography credits: “This movement has been dubbed the impact revolution.” SORENSON IMPACT, NOCTURNAL MOTION DESIGN