This Year’s Resolution: A Year Full of Giving

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The Health Benefits of Giving

Personal Fulfillment in the New Year

Are you looking to add a little more to your overall health and lifestyle routine this year?  Or, do you feel like you are not giving back as much as you would like?  Then let's make 2018 the Year of Giving.  There is a ton of research out there pointing to the amazing benefits of a giving lifestyle.  Having a purpose in life outside of yourself has shown to help your mental health, physical health, longevity, sleep and even your genes.  Make this a priority in the New Year and see the benefits add up in all aspects of your life.

"The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others."  Mahatma Gandhi

"No-one has ever become poor from giving."  Anne Frank

"Everybody can be great, because anybody can serve."  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Transcendental leaders around the world and throughout history have recognized the intrinsic and profound value of giving to your overall wellness and self worth, and now there is research to support that.

The Science Behind It

We all know the saying, "It is better to give than to receive..." and now there is proof.   Research published in the journal Science showed that regardless of income level, people who spent money on others, instead of themselves reported greater levels of happiness.  But, it is not just about spending money, other studies among the elderly have shown that those that felt as if they had a sense of purpose and meaning in their life, slept better at night.  While a study among teens found that those who demonstrated or thought that they had a sense of purpose in life "predicted greater positive self-image, less delinquency, and better transitioning into adulthood " (Forbes, 2017).  Participating in something larger beyond ourselves might be one of the best things we can do for our overall health, and for world at large.

It's Easy To Do

Adding a giving component to your lifestyle this New Year is so easy to do!  There are numerous ways to do this that do not necessarily require you to physically volunteer certain hours a month or give a single transaction monetary donation.  Use your creativity and even your daily activity to easily integrate into your everyday routine.  We can help!

MaximusLife (Latin for "greatest life") connects your daily lifestyle activity directly with causes you care about. As an individual, there are a few ways you can do this using our app.  You can: 

  • Take action by fundraising for a cause by asking friends/family to sponsor your activity (5K, marathon, etc.)
  • Join one of our fun charity lifestyle challenges
  • Simply log daily activity like steps, workouts, sleep or other activity.

Every check-in raises awareness for your cause while earning you M-life points that can be redeemed for impact (i.e., planting a tree) and partner rewards (i.e., a new Fitbit).

Our app makes it so much easier to integrate and transition into a meaningful giving lifestyle this New Year!  Embrace all of the health benefits for yourself and all of the amazing opportunities you can provide for someone else through your charitable support.

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