Socially Conscious Companies

September 28, 2017

Sustainable goals give back not only to the environment, but simultaneously profit your business. CEB reports that on average, every employee who participates in corporate community engagement activities adds $2,400 of value to the company. Everyone wins. We support socially conscious companies and we work with non-profits and corporations daily to create employee driven impact while creating a story the world is wanting to hear.

Here are a few examples of companies doing their part in the CSR world.


Through their Buy-A-Pair, Give-A-Pair program, Warby Parker makes a monthly donation to their nonprofit partners, such as VisionSpring, to bring prescription eyewear to people in developing countries.

They “tally up the number of glasses sold and make a monthly donation to our nonprofit partners, which covers the cost of sourcing that number of glasses.”

The company has distributed more than one million pairs of glasses since its start in 2010.



Microsoft’s 2015 Employee Giving Campaign “raised a record-breaking $125 million for more than 18,000 nonprofits and schools across the globe.”

“The organization seeks to bring low-income young adults out of poverty and into a professional career in a single year — and it’s one of more than 31,000 nonprofits that Microsoft employees have supported since 1983.”

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Sustainability is a whole field at the company with goals for 2020.


According to them “[t]his aspiration includes positively impacting patients and all others who use our products, as well as the health of our employees, our communities and the planet. Our citizenship and sustainability approach is inextricably linked to our vision of a world where a healthy mind, body and environment is within reach for everyone, everywhere.”




Adidas has its own venture capital fund for sustainability. It is the first of its kind in the apparel sector.

According to Adidas

“Managing our environmental impacts at our own sites and along the value chain, where our products are designed, created, manufactured, transported and sold, is a key focus of our work.

As part of our Sustainability Strategy we have set ourselves ambitious targets to optimise our environmental impact along the entire lifecycle of sport. We have developed an approach to address water efficiency, quality and accessibility and are committed to steadily increasing the use of more sustainable materials in our production, products and stores while driving towards closed-loop solutions. We are further committed to reducing our absolute energy consumption and CO2 emissions, transitioning to clean energy and looking into energy harvesting opportunities.”

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