Nonprofit Tech to Help Build Your Community

September 14, 2022

Technology is a great way to build your nonprofit in the modern era. Building your community can be done in a fun way with mobile challenges.


What is “community” and how is it going to help your nonprofit grow?

Community relations is the means to meet your prospective donors, volunteers, and supporters where they are and build relationships with them.

No matter your organization size, location, budget, or mission, community relations is an essential component of any communications plan. You need to reach out to your community to bring them to you!


Has your organization had a recent conversation about increasing:

  • Volunteers

  • Membership

  • Donors

  • Public awareness

  • Community support

If you answered “yes” to any of these, then a community relations plan is a great way to help achieve your goals.


How Do I Get Started?

Here are the first steps you can implement today for your community outreach efforts into results.

You will need the help and support from others in your organization!

As you begin to form this team, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have a department or committee that naturally aligns with community relations efforts? (For example: Communications)


What do you think will work best for your building?

With a mobile challenge, you can integrate fun challenges where your community is rewarded for participating.


  • A 5k for charity
  • Walk for donations
  • Step for donations
  • Sponsored donations for a third party

There are many options to integrate fun technology into your modern fundraising and community building.

Year-round, virtual, social & mobile-first fundraising

With MaximusLife we can help you build this challenge and help your community grow.

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