Charities to Support in 2022

July 4, 2022

The exceptional charities on this list execute their missions in a fiscally responsible way while adhering to good governance and other best practices that minimize the chance of unethical activities.

Each has earned perfect scores in our Star Rating System for its Financial Health and its Accountability & Transparency. Those two scores then translate into a perfect 100 point overall score.

Less than one percent of the thousands of charities rated by Charity Navigator have earned perfect scores.


Amazon Watch
Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide
Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility
Rainforest Trust


Animal Haven
Animal Welfare Institute
Blue Mountain Humane Society


Crisis Aid International
Direct Relief
Haitian Health Foundation
Hope for Haiti


ETV Endowment of South Carolina
Imagine Children’s Museum
Timken Museum of Art

Always do your due diligence with charities. These have been thoroughly researched through Charity Navigator.


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