Top Mobile Apps for Social Good – by Cause Artist

April 18, 2017

21 Mobile Good Platforms

Check out our feature in Cause Artist, along with 20 other social good apps!

Founded in 2014, MaximusLife went global after launching pre-sales on Indiegogo. The platform is the first mobile charity platform of its kind, crossing lifestyle, fitness and productivity categories with connections to modern ways of giving back. The platform challenges users to create big impact in small ways through weekly and monthly challenges. MaximusLife was recognized in fall 2014 as a leader in “Technology for People” at Techmanity, and in 2015 by Europe’s largest lifestyle technology and environment award Greentec Awards. MaximusLife now also syncs directly with company wellness programs to get employees living active lifestyles to benefit newfound sustainability goals in business.

Raise money and awareness for good causes when you walk, run, workout, bike, do yoga, lose weight, drink water or any other activity based challenges you choose. Every check-in allows you to easily raise awareness, earn sponsored donations and enters you to win big prizes for your social good!

Everyday you check-in to your challenge you earn points for rewards and earn entries to win rewards and experiences from our sponsors & celebrities.