Facts About Human Trafficking You Need to Know

March 22, 2017

Human trafficking is one of the most disturbing and pressing issues in today’s world, and is unfortunately overlooked by most people. It involves the illegal trade of human beings who are forced into labor, sexual acts, or other means of exploitation. In other words, it’s defined as modern slavery. Human trafficking is a serious offense, a violation of human rights, and is the fastest growing crime industry that takes place everywhere around the world.

Learn how you can make a difference in eliminating modern slavery by reading our tips below:

1 – Knowledge Is Power

Start by educating yourself about human trafficking and where it exists around the world. Take time to research the different kinds of modern slavery, and how it can take place in locations near to you. Becoming more aware of actual facts will help you to spread the word about human trafficking to others. You can start by reading information on human trafficking here.

2 – Look For Indicators

Anyone, including you, has the power to discover a potential human trafficking situation. Sometimes traffickers (individuals who control victims of human trafficking) along with victims are hidden in ordinary places, such as airports, nail salons, parks, or hotels. Learn to be aware of your surroundings and how to look for signs of trafficking. You might not be able to take action within a situation, but knowing how to spot suspicious activity will allow you to communicate with authorities correctly. If you see any unusual or suspicious behavior, you can call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center.

3 – Be A Well-Informed Buyer

Check to see if products you regularly buy in stores are coming from corporations using forced labor or slavery. Be aware of where your groceries are imported from and where your toiletries are made. Find out where your clothes are manufactured when buying a new outfit. You can read a list of goods that are made with forced labor here. Refusing to buy from businesses that profit from human trafficking can decrease the demand for forced or child labor and will reduce your slavery footprint.

4 – Take Action

Organize a fundraiser and donate proceeds to an anti-trafficking organization. You can find a list of different organizations here.
Partner with schools and teachers to include human trafficking awareness in lesson plans or assemblies.
Form a dedicated or informative club on your school campus that plans rallies or events.
Work with local churches or charities that help to sponsor human trafficking victims.
Write letters to state officials and government representatives that address the issue and add to the urgency of ending modern slavery.
5 – Speak Through Social Media

Not many people are aware of how prevalent human trafficking is around the world. Help spread information and raise awareness through social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to your friends and family. This will allow more people to learn the truth of modern slavery, and will help in the fight against human trafficking.

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