3 Reasons to Start Building a Fundraising Community

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Why Community Stat #1: 78% of new donors never donate again

Everyone is talking virtual fundraising, but are you truly ready? If you invest in new donor acquisition, like any thriving nonprofit, this stat will keep you up at night. It might also cause you to rethink your virtual strategies for COVID-19. In fact, the surveys show this number further increasing meaning now 80% of your new donors will never be seen again.

Why Community Stat #2: Over half of those who make repeat donations will become loyal donors

According to The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and the Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy at the Urban Institute once a donor makes a second donation the retention rates is much higher with almost half those repeats sticking around from year-to-year.

Why Community Stat #3: Once a donor leaves they are truly GONE!

AFP’s survey also reveals a shocking stat for nonprofit fundraising recapture rates. Once a donor leaves less than 4% will ever return to make a donation. Connecting the dots on this stat put’s a huge emphasis on keeping your new donors in year 1! We’d venture to say you really have no chance at doing this well in this new virtual environment without the right framework for your fundraising community.

Communication Strategy & Peer-to-Peer Technology

Why do your donors return and stay loyal? The AFP and countless research show your donors want to know their donation is making an impact and they want to also feel like they are a part of that impact coming to life. Every organization has different ways of sharing impact stories, thanking donors, and keeping impact content fresh. However, there is no better way than peer-to-peer fundraising to include donors in real-time impact. Regardless of your retention strategy the communication channels and campaign types matter now more than they ever have! Start simple and consider a virtual peer-to-peer event for your next campaign.

Community Experience vs. Single Donation/Campaign Transaction

To compare a community vs a single campaign look at the engagement levels your last campaign compared to the strongest digital community known to the world today: fitness communities. Over 75% of active users open their fitness apps at least two times a week. As well, 25% of the most engaged users open health or fitness apps more than 10 times a week. What can we learn from this in fundraising? First, if your cause can become more relatable to lifestyle you start to win in today’s digital world. Second, we need to rethink static landing pages asking for a quick donation with zero connection to other donors.

MaximusLife was purposely designed to feel like the most passionate communities in today’s digital world: These fitness, endurance and broader lifestyle communities we believe have a key ingredient every nonprofit must learn from and build into fundraising experiences.

Looking for some help with building Community?

Don’t rely on your landing pages to build a fundraising community in 2020 or you’ll fall flat into the downslope on these curves. We’ve been helping nonprofits build community around fundraising since 2014 and in no other time have we seen it more important than now! Learn more about our tools and the MaximusLife community-focused fundraising platform.

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