How to Raise $500 In One Day

By Causes, Challenges

Customize Your Fundraising Page.

Tell your personal story and your connection to the cause. Every registrant has their own fundraising page to use. Most campaigns already include some default copy and media, but the power of the platform is in its customizability. The most effective way to compel people to donate is to tell them why you joined the race.  Everyone has their own story to tell!

Make this fun and add photos of yourself and the cause during your fundraising journey, and be sure to add your profile photo too. Whatever your story is, your fundraising efforts will be more effective if you customize your fundraising page to share.

Set a Goal ($500 is a good start) and Share, Share, Share!

Set goals, and increase your goal each time it is met.  Then, spread the word: Tweet it, Snap it, and share everywhere you can!

MaximusLife has easy sharing buttons on the app and on the web to share on Twitter, Facebook, Email and Text. Friends and family will be able to see your page and donate to your cause when you share, and they can then share your post on social as well.

Make sure to keep your friends and family updated.

Keep your supporters (and potential supporters) in the loop by sharing updates on hitting your goals, sending out big shout-out thank you’s and letting them in on your personal journey whether you are racing or fundraising for the cause!  Share the impact you are making together! 

Happy fundraising!


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