3 Ways to Keep Your Donors Engaged (and Giving) Throughout the Year

May 14, 2018
Eliza Parish

Keeping your supporters engaged throughout the year without burnout is a balance that many nonprofits have to work at.  The growth of personal crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe and Fundly have made the donor space feel like it has been spread a little thin, and nonprofits are having to adjust and embrace new strategies focused on engagement.  Additionally, the idea/threat of “donor fatigue” has been thrown around in the last couple of years due to what feels like a lot of asks without a lot of meaningful interaction.   This might feel true for some, but Marc Pittman of The Fundraising Coach (FundraisingCoach.com) claims that in reality, donor fatigue is likely a myth.  To his point, Pittman says, “I don’t know of any donors who are tired of giving to causes that they value, they are passionate about, they are excited to be involved in.  I know plenty of donors who are being fatigued of being [poorly] asked.”  So, what exactly are the best approaches for asking for your donors’ support and commitment?  We’ve put together 3 simple and modern ways to keep your donors engaged throughout the year that can easily overcome the perceived fatigued donor environment.

1. Lifestyle Incorporation

Appealing to your supporters’ social responsibility is a great way to keep your supporters engaged and connected to your cause all year long.  Not everyone has the time to physically dedicate hours to causes they care about, but most people would still like to feel invested in the charities they support.

  • Create visual content for your supporters to see and give them great talking points so that they can share information about issues that are important to them.
  • Allow your donors to feel as invested as you do in your mission and create opportunities for engagement campaigns that aren’t always focused on a dollar amount.
  • Hook your donors up with some fun merchandise, so that they can display their cause while walking down the street or going for a run.
  • Create sponsorship opportunities as a donation option.  Let your donors invest in specific programs or beneficiaries within your mission for a more meaningful connection.

 2. Active Events

Keep your donors involved and giving by hosting activity-based events.  Most nonprofits use the end of the year as their big donation/fundraising push, but keep your donors invested in the Spring and Summer with running, cycling, and/or hiking events.  This gives your donors an opportunity to donate more than once a year.   It also allows for your supporters to integrate the causes they care about into their healthy lifestyle routine.  It’s great for motivation and typically pretty easy to put together without generating much cost.  If your organization is looking for a little inspiration, check out our earlier blog on awesome charity events here.

3. Year-round Campaigns & DIY Fundraising

Not sure if you have the manpower to host an in-person event?  Not a problem, MaximusLife offers hundreds of different activity challenges to engage your supporters all year long.  You don’t even need to create an in-person event  – make it virtual!  Host quarterly or monthly challenges to engage your supporters throughout the year.  Incorporate activity-based campaigns into your nonprofit fundraising strategy to not only make it fun for your donors, but to create awareness for specific programs within your mission AND increase individual giving.  Challenge your supporters to reach 10 Million steps in one month together for your mission, or partner with a company and get their employees involved in your cause!  The opportunities are endless and built to appeal to your supporters’ lifestyles.

Lifestyle-based DIY fundraising is another great option to keep your donors engaged throughout the year.  Offer DIY tools on your website to easily allow supporters to donate their birthday, donate their run/workout, or take up your cause any time of the year – whatever the occasion!  The more options and tools you have available to your supporters the easier it is for them to get involved and feel invested in your mission beyond the simple donation transaction.

Want to learn more about how MaximusLife can help your nonprofit?

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