How To Set Up A Green Challenge For Your Company

March 14, 2022

We must all think about how to better the planet, after all we live and take and must give back!

There are quite a few great ways to make your office more green. Just to name a few, fixing your lighting and heating in your office, to investing in recycled paper, or choosing a renewable energy supplier can all make a difference.


If you have already set up some simple initiatives like above, another idea to better your workplace is setting up a workplace challenge like “Go Green.” Employees can check in their daily activities with mobile software. MaximusLife makes it easy to create a challenge and start making a change at your workplace. MaximusLife even offers carbon tracking for each challenge.

Our team does all the setup and your team gets to check in for fun prizes and points on our mobile software. Then, your team checks in with activities.

With each check in, employees are able to see how their simple activities cut their carbon footprint. From cutting one car ride and walking, or biking, to buying a local product.


Contact MaximusLife to find out what challenges we provide to build a better future on the planet.

Our software is fully customizable for whatever you have in mind!

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