Eating Healthy – You Are What You Eat

March 17, 2017

Every time your skin replaces itself, you are quite literally getting the toxins out and replenishing your skin – your liver goes through the same process as well every month!

Healthy eating just makes sense.

Studies at John Hopkins University showed that “people who frequently cook meals at home eat healthier and consume fewer calories than those who cook less… The findings also suggest that those who frequently cooked at home — six-to-seven nights a week — also consumed fewer calories on the occasions when they ate out.”

When you eat at home, you know what you are putting in your food. There are less additives and you consume fewer calories (restaurants put all the yummy fats in their meals). Life is hectic, people are working more than ever – we get it. Try making a large meal at the beginning of the week, think casseroles, soups, or simple rice and chicken dishes. Then you can heat it up when you are spent at the end of the day.

Another study in Science Daily did a thorough study in which “Sun and colleagues’ findings suggested that the nutritional and lifestyle benefits of consuming meals prepared at home could contribute to these diabetes prevention efforts. The findings indicate that people who reported consuming 5-7 evening meals prepared at home during a week had a 15% lower risk of type 2 diabetes than those who consumed 2 such meals or fewer in a week.”eh5

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