What’s new in the workplace?

June 23, 2022


How do you provide a safe, healthy and effective workplace environment, leveraging digital workplace technology to support employee productivity and well-being?

In 2022, we can expect to see more hybrid working tools hitting the (virtual) shelves. Communication software, technology, chat features, and employees connecting will be vital.

Glassdoor predicts top talent will want to work in a remote way in 2022 and demand top rates.

“Employers need to be intentional about making sure that remote workers are staying connected and that they are facilitating community and connection even for their in-person workers,” according to Glassdoor senior economist Daniel Zhao, speaking in a statement.

And so the cycle starts again but, ultimately, the hybrid world of work will benefit from this endless cycle of tech innovation both in 2022 and in the years ahead.


Cybersecurity will also take precedent. Businesses need to prioritize their cyber hygiene while also providing staff training and putting in a wealth of security solutions to help everyone stay safe and online.

Spending on threat detection and response is expected to grow in the year ahead.

Our Solutions

MaximusLife provides technology that can help keep your workforce connected. We provide challenges and communication technology that can even integrate into other software already in place. We are up to date with all cybersecurity protocols as well.

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