Wellness Trends 2022

August 17, 2022

Top Health And Wellness Trends In 2022

Tracking Vitals

    • Mineral tests have seen a jump in interest. With tests, we are able to diagnose and add to our healthy¬†regulations with either blood tests or even at-home hair tests. Simply cut a few strands and send it off to the lab to see where you need to improve your minerals. It is important to see if you may be deficient in vital minerals. Supplements are a great way to maximize your health as well.

Prioritizing Mental Health

    • It is no surprise that stress is increasing yearly. Our lives are moving faster than ever and that is pushing everyone whether you know it or not. There are more options now more than ever for mental health challenges, text-to-chat health care, and apps that can help everyone.

Remote Work And Flexible Schedules

    • If you talk to just about anyone these days, they have mostly moved to a few days at home, or fully remote! Many companies are giving Fridays off at well.

Wellness Tools

    • There are more platforms now that tie in Wellness to CSR and health. We are seeing more wellness challenges in the workplace and in people’s personal lives.

Food For The Gut and Mind

    • Kombucha?? There are many studies correlating mind and stomach. Foods that are trending help our gut and our mind!

Sustainable Foods

    • Gardening at home and planting herbs and veggies in your own yard has become a bigger highlight in 2022. There are more vegan options and companies coming out with alternative foods every day to some heavy on the environment animals. Now there is an alternative option to any meat you can think of.

Tracking vitals, prioritizing mental health, remote work and flexible schedules…we love it and it’s quite important. Our team can help you customize challenges for any of the above in anything from wellness to mental health.

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