Trending in ESG 2022

July 22, 2022


ESG Trends to Watch for 2022

Here are some of the ESG trends we see impacting investors and companies in the coming year.

They range from evolving regulation and climate, to the intensifying push for change in how the planet produces energy and the critical role of natural capital.

Others look at lessons learned (or not) from the pandemic, and the latest twists in the enduring challenge of health and wellness.


Climate is eclipsing governance and social issues at the top of the ESG agenda, reflecting both the existential threat of global temperature rise and the race against time to rein it in.

Companies are looking at how they can use technology to track their CO2 footprint, and get involved within their teams in the workplace and outside of it.

The Mainstreaming of ESG

ESG investing has become a prevailing part of investing. More companies will be looking to invest in our communities and the workplace.


Mitigating Risks in the workplace.

Health problems and prioritizing the health of employees are trending as well. Workplaces are investing more in employee wellness and CSR programs.

Voluntary ESG reporting will continue 

In 2021, the business world hit peak sustainability reporting, with 92% of the S&P 500 and 70% of the Russell 1000 companies issuing reports.

All of these are voluntary disclosures motivated by stakeholder expectations and the desire to build the company brand.

With the advent of mandatory ESG disclosure, resources will be pulled away from voluntary reporting, but they will continue. Companies have invested too much time, effort, and reputation to walk away from these efforts.

Technology + Tracking

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