Simple & Mobile Toolkits for
Purpose-Driven Impact

Action-based Content, Virtual Challenges, Fun Activities & More

It Takes Action, the Right Mobile Tools & Fun To Build a Purpose-Driven Culture!

Ignite engagement with all your corporate purpose-driven programs with MaximusLife’s toolkits designed around experiences including a branded mobile app, fun challenges, real-time tracking, points, rewards, leaderboards, sweepstakes and more.


Sustainable impact is a must-have part of an organization's responsibility, brand, and overall employee experience. We give you all the tools you need to make it simple for employees to take the lead!


Employee wellbeing is expected to go beyond the monthly newsletter and into everyday life. Enhance your program or start fresh with MaximusLife's tools connected to impact.

Disaster Response

Be ready to rally employees and customers when disasters strike. MaximusLife gives access to over 155 countries partnering to provide timely responses!

Workplace Giving

Creating a culture around workplace giving is now the norm. Use MaximusLife to go beyond transactions to experiential, action-based giving.

Social Impact

Empower cause movements your employees and customers care about. MaximusLife's social technology is changing the game for how movements come to life!


Ignite employee engagement with corporate fundraising tools designed specifically to give employees and customers modern and mobile tools.

Great companies empower their people to change the world.
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