The Three Principles of Sustainability

May 15, 2022

What are the three principles of sustainability?

There are three main principles of sustainability: social equity, economic viability, and environmental preservation.


The social equity pillar refers to societal systems and structures that actively support current and future generations’ ability to live healthily and comfortably.

Socially sustainable communities are authentically democratic, diverse, equitable, connected, and provide people with a good living standard.


The economic pillar represents strategies used to encourage individuals and corporations to use socio-economic resources to their advantage.

Economic sustainability ensures that businesses make a profit without creating social or environmental issues.


The environmental pillar of sustainability is probably the best-known, occurring when processes, systems, and activities minimize the environmental impact of their products, facilities, and operations.

It focuses on zero-waste product manufacturing, managing energy consumption, and switching to green energy in offices, headquarter buildings, warehouses, and factories.


What pillar is the most important to your business? Would you like to get employees more engaged or give back to the world? Perhaps being more sustainable is one of your goals.

MaximusLife can help you work through your strategy with any of the three pillars of sustainability. Contact us today!

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