S in ESG and the H in ESHG

July 12, 2022

What’s up with the S in ESG and the H (health) in ESHG?


The social pillar in ESG is critical because it both reflects the ‘how and why’ of a company, and social movements are the only real way to create the positive and lasting change the planet needs.

More institutional investors are starting to track these trails under the social pillar of environmental, social and governance (ESG) as they present both investment risks and opportunities. After all, social responsibility is what mitigates data theft, worker strikes, litigation, workplace accidents, law-enforcement seizure of goods made by forced labour, and other people-related disruptions that can hurt a business’ finance and reputation.

Forestry projects

These projects nurture and protect our CO₂-absorbing forests. One notable example is the Garcia River forest protection program, which ensures the longevity of California’s redwood forests. The program oversees over 9,600 hectares which has been estimated to store almost 80,000 tonnes of CO₂e annually. Forestry projects in our platform are designed to be social in every sense as employees take actions they share and invite co-workers into collaborative teams and more.

Renewable energy projects

These projects reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. They are especially effective in economies such as Taiwan, where 75% of electricity capacity relies on fossil fuels. Thanks to its strong coastal winds, Taiwan is able to remove 328,000 tonnes of CO₂e per year with just 62 wind turbines. Even Energy can be a social element of your strategy. Energy projects of all sorts connect employees socially and directly to impact on MaximusLife.

Numerous studies have established that ESG-aware companies tend to be sounder investments because they have lower-risk operations, they allocate resources more optimally and they compete more effectively within their sectors.


H (health) in ESHG

ESG + Public Health = ESHG

For a more inclusive form of capitalism, human capital must flourish as much as financial capital does.

Hold companies and investees accountable. Impact investing on the ESHG level is about investing in companies. A strong condition for including companies in the ESG roster is their stance to providing access to proper healthcare or healthcare insurance to their workers.

ESHG-minded Investors can leverage their financial power by divesting from companies that aren’t doing healthy business. Companies need to understand that good health is good business.


How do we fit those needs directly?

Maximuslife is a partner for companies who not only want to do the right thing but believe it can be the smartest financial decision, too.

Bring your brand’s purpose to life with technology designed to make ESG, CSR, Fundraising, and Social Impact an everyday experience.

Our platform is fully customizable to fit your ESG needs.

Contact team@maximuslife.com today to see how we can help.

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