Your Brand + Impact

Engage employees & customers daily in world-changing impact with 2M+ Charities.

Why Maximus Really is the Greatest API

Get Instant "Greater Purpose"

Instantly link your brand to a global charities through customer activity within your website/app/device.

Attract New Customers

When shopping 90% look for brands with social impact. Any brand, any cause...we make impact easy.

Give Charity Rewards

Maximus API lifestyle points & rewards build ongoing loyalty, fun and IMPACT in one simple API.

Monetize Daily

Open a new door to revenue with non-profits & sponsors by doing what you already do.

90% of consumers would switch brands for social impact

With Maximus API your brand instantly builds community around impact,charity rewards & loyalty building fun.

Lifestyle/Fitness Apps

Integrate charities & fundraising directly into everyday lifestyle activity on your own platform.

Fundraising Platforms

Add activity-based fundraising, wearable technology and a new toolkit via simple API.

Wellness Platforms

Boost participation & add value through including direct access to causes through your offering.

Event Apps

Instantly engage attendees in social impact through conference challenges for charity.

Corporate Branded Apps

Whether you're selling flights, rentals, shoes or widgets link customers directly to causes with a simple API.

Adv./Mktg. Agencies

An API to world-change, perfect for clients looking to align marketing/advertising with causes.

Align your brand with global charities through a simple API.