M-Life Points & Rewards

May 19, 2017

Ever wish you could get a reward for living out your daily life, healthy eating or for simply making to the gym? We’ve taken that overwhelming “yes” to heart and we’ve taken a few queues from the best rewards programs that exist today. So for all you avid rewards members at the grocery store, Starbucks or Amex add M-Life to your rewards list as one that will save lives while earning you real-time rewards.

How the M-Life program works:

  1. Your first 10 check-ins on the app = a M-Life Reward
  2. Every check-in after that gives you additional M-Life points
  3. Points can be redeemed for rewards from our partners/sponsors
  4. *On specified challenges points = entries to win once-in-a-lifetime prizes

(*Once-in-a-lifetime meaning trips to see Kellan Lutz in LA, a Flyaway to Castro Concert, A VIP Flyaway to For King & Country concert or other gear from your favorite champion)

Our mission with M-Life: Charities Giving Back to Donors through Engagement + Gear

We believe at the heart of every person is the desire to impact the world for good and we also believe we’re hard wired to want/need some recognition for our social good. We believe people are no longer looking for causes to simply write a check to…they want to engage with the mission and taste the impact. Take sponsoring a child in a third world country for example, we no longer are happy to simply give…we want to hear about their life, see the impact and know the details. Non-profits obviously can’t do this for every dollar given, but there are tangible ways to involve supporters real-time through social media updates, letters and now a fun rewards program for the most active supporters. We use positive psychology, growth science and a lot of fun to make M-Life a program that charities all sizes will want to be a part of for years to come.

  • Why M-Life is good for charities: Many charities have 100% of their staff in the field serving real-life needs and we want to make rewards fulfillment easy, painless and fun for them. Many times charities will have an event and walk away with a box full of swag that donors never get to see. Engaging donors doesn’t require much money in fact some of the best rewards are under $1, but time to fulfill small thank you gifts is time consuming. M-Life makes this easy and engaging (our team can handle 100% of fulfillment if needed).
  • Why M-Life is good for Wellness & CSR teams: Employee engagement is a constant struggle for all companies and yet research shows a $2,400 annual return for every employee engaged in social good efforts with the company. Step challenges, corporate matching programs or simple healthy living challenges for charity sync directly with M-Life points and rewards on MaximusLife.
  • Why M-Life is great for Sponsors: Sponsorship programs are focused heavily on entertainment, sports and now good causes. Cause marketing is the fastest growing segment of of corporate marketing spend for F250 now 3 years running. The M-Life program creates a daily/weekly connection with sponsors brands and a global user base take daily life to the bank for a charity. Johnson and Johnson is a great example of aligning corporate giving dollars around good causes in a way that engages consumers across the globe (see 2017 Global Mom’s Relay).
  • Why M-Life is great for Celebrities and Influencers: Celebrity champions account for a large part of philanthropy and yet there is no real way for the stars to rally fans for good. Similar to the ice-bucket challenge there have been a rise of celebrities using social media to get the word out about causes they want to support. Now with M-Life when champions post a message on Facebook, Twitter or other fans have a real way to not only get involved, but to earn their way up the leaderboard to more entries to win amazing prizes. To-date M-Life is the only program that gives fans a tool to engage beyond just giving over their credit-card number. Starting in Summer of 2017 fans will be able to subscribe to their favorite champions challenges and get ongoing news about the champions charity work throughout the year. Check-out a few of our recent champions here: https://www.maximuslife.com/champions-intro/

Our mission is simply to connect the most amazing people with the most amazing causes. A simple strategy with the belief that together we can and will change the world for good. We’re also proudly impacting the world’s Global Goals with Project Everyone + you.

How many points did you earn today for your charity? Get started by downloading the app today!

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