How to Get to Net Zero

April 2, 2022

Carbon emissions come from driving our cars or using electricity in our homes, among other things. Our carbon emissions on the planet are increasing. What matters now is that we all need to do a bit of giving back and eliminating to decrease our carbon emissions.

To turn net-zero into a useful idealogy for decision-makers, the global carbon constraint needs to be translated into decarbonization pathways for companies and other organizations.

A few tips to reach that include:

  1. Cut down your energy use.
  2. Heat/cool your business with renewable sources.
  3. Purchase an electric car.
  4. Reduce all types of waste including plastic.

According to the Wall Street Journal,

“Hundreds of companies have pledged to cut their carbon footprints to help limit climate change. Under new regulations proposed Monday, many of these companies will now have to disclose their emissions, including hard-to-measure data from their suppliers and customers.”


Let’s all try to make a difference in the way we give and receive to the planet. Achieving it means reducing emissions as much as possible, as well as balancing out any that remain by removing an equivalent amount. MaximusLife has solutions including a mobile carbon footprint tracker.


Contact us today to see how we can help your Net Zero goals.

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