Experience IMPACT

MaximusLife ignites engagement in all your purpose-driven programs in one simple experience.

Impact is where purpose meets action!

Take action with simple, turnkey tools designed to bring your programs to life.

CSR, Fundraising, Sustainability & Wellbeing in One

Fundraising & CSR experiences include the whole employee with wellbeing as a core component.

Engagement Focused Features Teams, Champions & More

Unlike traditional programs, MaximusLife focuses on experiences designed specfically for igniting a new wave of participation and helping teams reach 90% of their audience.

Build Culture & Grow Impact with Points, Rewards & More

Social good is truly social and rewarding with points for progress and an activity feed that gives bonus points for being social.

A New Breed of Engagement Tools for Year-round Impact

MaximusLife "Maximus" engages employees and fundraisers on
every level while helping ESG/CSR teams tell the story in real-time.

Bring Impact to Life With Challenges

MaximusLife challenges are designed to connect simple everyday life directly to good causes. Perfect for CSR, fundraising, sustainability and broader employee engagement. With over 200 activities and templates, the Maximus challenge structure is the most robust of it’s kind.

Engage Deeper with Teams

MaximusLife teams take engagement with employees and fundraisers to a whole new level. Choose team types including mult-teams, departments, geographic/location, charity teams and more.

Grow Impact with Dashboards & Tracking Tools

MaximusLife CSR and Fundraising dashboards give users an experience designed to grow impact, engagement and fun all year long. Tracking tools include individual points, rewards, dollars raised and auto sync with fitness devices like Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc.

Ignite Participation with Rewards & Recognition

Maximus comes fully ready to engage with points, rewards, recognition, sweepstakes and all things FUN. Customize your points specific to behaviour and culture you’re driving towards or simply use our standard M-Life points system. Sweepstakes and rewards strategies can be fully managed by our professional services team.

Your Own Custom Branded, Native Mobile App

Note: Corporate employees require a registered work e-mail for access