The New Way of Employee Purpose

The first experience-based, always-on employee purpose platform.

All purpose-driven programs in one, simple, everyday experience.

Rallying employees around purpose has never been so fun, healthy, mobile and full of life.

Purpose That Shines Brighter... Everyday

With MaximusLife’s corporate toolkits your people, your culture, your impact and your purpose shine brighter.

CSR, ESG and Sustainability Teams

Times have changed and CSR, ESG and Sustainability teams are being asked to grow their impact with modern tools that engage employees. MaximusLife simplifies the process, the invitation and the experience for CSR teams looking to reach more employees and grow into a new age of digital tools.

HR, Employee Engagement Teams

Tired of engaging the same employees every year? MaximusLife was designed specifically to engage employees in year-round impact through a mobile-first platform focused on engaging the whole employee in all your purpose-driven initiatives including volunteering, giving, fundraising, challenges and everyday employee-led actions to support sustainability, diversity, equity & inclusion and wellbeing.

Marketing Teams

Simplify how you create brand champions around your purpose-driven initiatives by connecting everyday life to your branded impact.

Explore a new way to rally your people around impact!

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