Employees, ESG & Climate Neutrality

January 21, 2022

Workplace Climate Action Made Simple via Employee Lifestyle (btw: How long was your shower this morning?)

Let’s face it if we are not rallying our employees towards climate impact we really should be. From Texas to Europe, business headlines show the world is looking for brands who will take action on Climate Change. Now 61% of the world is said to be going “Net Zero”. Wow, where do we all start!? 

Unfair View of CSR Teams & Climate Crisis?

As a partner to many CSR teams, we know Climate Impact has not been ignored, but many teams have never had the right tools to implement action, make it fun or build culture around things like carbon reduction, scope 3 emission, Net Zero goals.

A confusing view of CSR & ESG towards Green Things:

Recent article in Times: “One of the major developments in corporate management is corporate social responsibility, which is the projection of Green philosophy into the business world. If you study the literature on corporate responsibility, or look at corporate websites, you will find a tangle of confusions. The reason is that corporations generally want to portray themselves as responsible while satisfying the profit orientation of their shareholders.”

The article goes on to share some truly bad brand decisions and calling CSR teams to own their actions especially within Green Philosophy & Climate Change. 

While there are some egregious examples, is this a fair view of the average ESG/CSR team striving for impact and world-changing good? 

We know it is not and we want to help prove it.  


How do CSR/ESG teams tackle such a big issue?

In 2022, we are now seeing CSR teams being challenged to do more, be more, act bravely, jump higher, engage employees and save the world. This is a tall order and one that will take leadership’s support to simply get started and/or go beyond existing traditional programs. 

Specific to the Climate Crisis, data tracking and reporting is vital to branded impact. CSR teams have done this for years for scope 1 and scope 2 GHG emissions, but to-date there has been a void of help within scope 3 downstream tracking. 

Until now with new technology, getting employee-based Scope 3 carbon emissions data easily, accurately, and on-demand has been missing in workplace software tools.

Why does this matter? 

Scope 3 is the primary place your greatest assets sit: Your People, Your Culture, Your Reputation and Employer Brand. Important? YES! 


Introducing the Corporate Net Zero Age!

Encouragingly, recent research suggests that companies are becoming aware of this at the highest levels of leadership and today if you google Net Zero you’ll see many corporate teams have committed to Net Zero. But what does this mean?


Nearly 61% countries, 9% of states & regions in the largest emitting countries and 13% of cities over 500k in population have now committed to net zero, according to the report

Encouragingly, recent research suggests that companies are becoming aware of this at the highest levels of leadership. 

Many teams are improving, learning and starting to set goals and act! 

Where to Start with Climate Impact & Net Zero

Step 1 

One way to begin building a culture around sustainability, climate neutrality and net zero is simply through supporting charities who are doing amazing work to offset CHG emissions in creative ways. Perhaps this could be step 1 for many teams. Partner with an amazing team who needs your help. 

Our friends at Charity Navigator have a wonderful tool to help you find partners: HIGHLY RATED ENVIRONMENTAL CHARITIES 

All of our workplace giving packages connect your team directly to vetted environmental nonprofits. While also allowing employees to fundraise for causes they care about within Climate Impact. 

Step 2

NEXT, within your company, connecting employees to the right tools for Climate Impact is all about the right digital tools/software, especially while many are working from home. 

At MaximusLife, we’ve proven the magic formula is going beyond transactions and one-day events and into connecting programs to everyday life of an employee. To do this in Climate Impact, we provide both mobile and web tools to connect employees directly to CO2 reduction with curated content, challenges, points rewards and more. With the MaximusLife mobile app employees next 10k steps, their next shower or water refill could be building your ESG reporting while creating a Net Zero culture.   

In today’s age of one-click activation, modern technology has made a goal of Net Zero possible for employees to lead, track and have fun with. At MaximusLife, we give a big thanks to content partners and our in-house Sustainability experts customizing calculations, building new innovations and making things like your smart thermostat at home sync to workplace good for the Climate/ESG reporting. 

Yes-your employees can do that!  

Start with a Lifestyle Challenge

Green/Climate Challenges are proven to be the most simple and fun way to start introducing Climate/CHG/CO2 related content to employees. MaximusLife’s challenge toolkit has over 400+ activities to choose from with curated content ready to rollout. 

A Go Green challenge for example is one simple way to start kick-off your programs with or without a commitment to Net Zero. 

#ImpactTakesAction in ESG & Beyond

Doing nothing in Climate Change is no longer an option for brands. 

Until now this has been a big challenge for ESG/CSR pillars, but with new tools your team can begin engaging employees in year-round climate impact connected to environmental focused volunteering, giving, points, rewards, sweepstakes and a private company suite of social chats/feeds. 


We encourage you to start small with a ESG Challenge and explore new ways to start to connect employee’s everyday lives to Climate Impact. Let us help you!