Corporate Purpose – Tips and Ideas

June 29, 2022

Tools, tips and ideas to inspire action and deliver local and global impact during this critical time.

You are uniquely positioned to mobilize collective action, but it can be a challenge. How can you make a meaningful impact and continue to meet the expectations of your employees and communities (and help them get involved)?

While acknowledging the importance of shareholder value, commentators have argued that corporations should purposively benefit other stakeholders, including customers, employees, and the communities they affect.

As a company you should:

1. Find the Right Initiative · 2. Assess Your Abundance · 3. Find and Build Partnerships · 4. Live Your Company Values.

Find a nonprofit that speaks to your company values. Then, see how much you can give and how many resources you have on your team to help. Put it into action!

Track, measure, and report your impact:

Be sure to measure your progress as you advance on these achievements. As you’re creating the strategy have a data-collection plan that also captures the volunteering, grant-giving, and resources given.

These metrics should be well documented so you’re able to more effectively share the stories of the work you’re doing in the community.

Seek to collect quantitative metrics like the number of volunteers per project, the number of hours they each served, and the output of what was created (i.e. number of meals served, trees planted, or youth engaged).

You should also seek to survey and interview your employees who volunteered to capture anecdotal stories, testimonials, and experiences.


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