How it Works

As you make progress you earn challenge points for rewards + additional bonus points for being social.
The better you do, and the more you share the greater the impact for our charity partners.

Inspire Your Healthy Living

Track your key health stats visually
while pledging daily life
to helping a good cause.


Journey with the Stars

Sign-up for Champion challenges for an extra boost of motivation with the chance to earn
once-in-a-lifetime prizes.


Earn Rewards for Social Good

Social good is truly social and rewarding with points for progress and an activity feed that gives bonus points for being social.


Join Lifestyle Challenges for Charity

MaximusLife challenges are designed to help you use everyday life and fitness for a good cause.

Challenges range in type and level so there is something for everyone. Whether you would like to take a step challenge, train for your next marathon or improve your sleeping habits, challenges are the perfect way to motivate yourself.

For each challenge, there is an associated charitable cause that receives donations with every check-in you make on the platform. Our charity partners provide users with M-Life Rewards for their challenge points they earn daily.


Friends and Teams

Life is always better together and it's proven friends can increase your chances of success by 10x.

Join MaximusLife charity teams or create your own and challenge friends to compete with you for the causes you care about.

Dashboards & Tracking

MaximusLife's dashboards offer interactive and visual tracking of your progress, leaderboard position and rewards status.

Whether you are challenging yourself or others we make it visual and fun.


Rewards and Benefits

As you complete check-ins, invite and share with friends you earn points for rewards and monthly prizes.

Sponsored challenges are supported by socially aware brands to offer you rewards based on your daily/weekly activity.

Whether its the latest fitness device, a cool T-shirt or gear your social good counts here.

Supporting Great Causes

We are very proud to support amazing global causes with new features monthly.

Below is a sample of recent featured causes:

  • A21
  • Saving Innocence
  • Friends of Bethany Hamilton
  • Roma Boots
  • The Canadian Red Cross
  • Global Moms Relay
  • Stand Up to Cancer

You can view a list of our featured causes we support by visiting our Causes Page.



Apply to be a local charity ambassador and support a great cause. Get sponsored gear for your hard work!

Non Profits

Apply to be featured on MaximusLife. Boost brand awareness and your global reach for free.

Companies / Sponsors

Align your brand and employee wellness programs with a featured cause or your own. Fully customised to your needs.

Champions / Influencers

Challenge your fans to get involved with your favorite causes on mobile. We offer rewards to directly engage your fans in social good.

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